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Please note, we are experiencing minor shipping delays on all new orders due to the holidays.More Info The RSL CG4/CG24 & Speedwoofer 10 subwoofer/satellite speaker system have a small footprint but offer truly explosive sound and top notch build quality. It also blends flawlessly with my CG3 and CG23 speakers. I used a subwoofer cable to connect to the LFE input. Turn it on and give the caps a bit to charge, play some tunes through it for a couple of hours to break it in and with careful placement and adjustment you'll be rewarded with deep, tight bass that blends very well with the rest of your system. I’ve owned a number of subs over the years and this one is the best bang for the buck of any I’ve owned…. It is paired with a couple of well-burned-in first-generation CG-3s that have had to make due with a cheap sub I purchased a few years ago that finally gave up the ghost, so to speak. Looking forward to further listening, breaking in the speaker. Was double boxed for shipping and arrived in great shape. and sublimely musical no matter what the program material is. My goal was to create a wall of perfectly wonderful sound! It's been one of the best subs I've ever owned. I can't find a blemish on it and it is just beautiful with the white Q Acoustics mains. Speakers sound natural and life-like. The wife stated we wouldnt need to schedule any massage appointments, just go to the theater room and crank up an action movie! Factory Fresh ! So I am very happy with my purchase. RSL SPEEDWOOFER 10S. A pair of these was everything I wanted in a sub. I have been into stereo since 1966 and into home theater since 1992. RSL team, Might be good to set up a checklist so something like this does not get missed in the future! Another “amazed customer, Updated Shipping Lead Times This us an excellent product. Currently taking Pre-orders. Holy Jumpin Junipers Batman! Stellar job RSL! Discounted international shipping available. This subwoofer combines good performance with a more attractive design than you can get from many subwoofers at this price. In my small room, I measured output down to 18-19hz. ©2020 Rogersound Labs LLC®, RSL®, RSL Speaker Systems®, Rogersound Labs®, Rogersound Laboratories®, Compression Guide®, Speedwoofer®. The sound is fantastic with deep, clean, and responsive bass. Audioholics GoFundMe: new RSL Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer might be the best $400 (free shipping) subwoofer we've seen. Habits: 85% music, 15% movies Next song, Are You Even Real? Dimensions: H: 16” W: 15” D: 16 3/4”. And I don't have the volume up much at all, well below the 12oclock position. But if you do that, why not just get two Speedwoofers and quadruple your bass output…, Frequency Response: 24-200 Hz ± 3db, substantial output down to 20Hz (CEA-2010) I am by no means saying that one of these subs won't be enough though. Pre-order now. Now i feel the music and hear bass lines that were low sonic blurs. In addition to improving distribution, dual subs increase output – by a LOT. This combination allows the Speedwoofer 10S to move more air and reach lower frequencies than top-rated 12″ competitors; but with the improved speed and transient response of a 10. Last, I’d put one sub each in my designated subwoofer locations in my room. Hello. That said, with the sub off I enjoyed the wonderful sound that emanated from the CG-3s on their own, I just used the sub for a bit of punch when watching movies, etc. With its Compression Guide technology, 10″ cast-frame high-excursion woofer, and 350 watts RMS of available power, the new Speedwoofer 10S plays deeper and with more output than other top subs in its class. I haven't even spent but 5 minutes adjusting to match to my Jamo towers. You will not be disappointed. Yes I'm starting off with a different brand of mains I've had for a while, but I was able to blend the sub right in with my system. I took that as a positive reinforcement that this sub was a great investment. Standard hollow cabinets do not address cabinet resonance. While supplies last! (The dreaded "L" shaped room). With two subs, one will fill in the valleys of another, evening out the distribution. As a bonus, with the crossover control I can get a nearly seamless transition from my Goldenears 3D Array soundbar and Invisa in-walls to the 10s. My subwoofer 10S arrived on June 24 and got quickly put into service.WOW! Now I call it the greatest value in my system. Pre-orders are still available. Operating your RSL Speedwoofer 10S Power Indicator - When the indicator light is red, the Speedwoofer is in standby mode. Were gonna break some sh** lol - Thank you Joe and than you RSL for taking the time to create such an overachieving product and for allowing the public to enjoy your creations without sending us all to the poor house. Who knew? Sub Settings: Onboard Crossover @100hz, Volume 20% Holy s___t this subwoofer is a beast ! I've had Velodyne, Sunfire, Reaction Audio, B&W, SVS and many more I that can't even remember and the only one that was as accurate as my speedwoofers was the B&W ASW10, very musical but even it couldn't hit as hard as the speedwoofers. Power Draw: standby mode: 1 watt I've had the Speedwoofer 10s for about 2 months and am very happy with it. These subs cost me almost twice as much as the Speedwoofer 10s and I can confidently say that none of them beat the Speedwoofer 10s at THIS price point. In music, the subwoofer gives accurate solid bass.Even on the fastest songs in the style of rock very good intelligibility bass. Highly recommend speedwoofer 10s and if your unsure about the speedwoofer 10s don't be it's a winner. All Rights Reserved. The Velodyne did well with slow, deep bass but missed an incredible amount of transients in "quicker" notes. After researching many options on the market, I’m very happy I went with the Speedwoofer. My application is 70% movies and 30% music. RSL Speedwoofer 10S - $400 Power 350 watts RMS @ 4 ohms Frequency Response 24-200 Hz ± 3db (but measured going down to 30hz and NOT 24hz) SVS SB-2000 - $650 outlet at SVS Amplifier | 500 watts RMS (1100 watts peak) Freq. Those systems were just more accurate and had a more solid bass response rather than the ba-boom of using bigger woofers. That’s because two subwoofers have certain advantages over one. I actually had to turn them down some. Howard gave me several troubleshooting tips that ultimately resulted in a great sounding system. Shipping was both free & fast. I use to work in a local audio store in the late 70s and went through everything I could think of from back then to eliminate it,so then I was down to only having the speakers hooked up to the amp,no pwr cord or interconnects and still the same problem. Faster transient response, deeper bass extension, Extreme power handling, superior bass output, Best-in-class power vs. 200, 250, 300W competitors. The room is about 12' wide x 10' depth, with vaulted ceilings about 12' high with concrete floor, a computer desk, a coffee table, and a couch. The best part of this is that it didn't cost me an arm and a leg to get a great sounding sub! Several reviews convinced me to get it a try, despite the really inexpensive price. If you are on the fence, I suggest you try the RSL sub. Speakers sound boxy and unnatural. Weight: 40lbs The award-winning performance has remained untouched. Room Size: 15' x 12' Wish I would have saved myself the headaches and got this first. The folks at RSL were pretty frank about their goals when they developed the Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer, available for only $399 with free shipping. While supplies last! The sub showed up and “Wow”! Build quality is solid. I just wanted to post a brief review of the Speed woofer 10S. Quoted frequency response is 24-200 Hz ± 3dB. to help sell the movies on DVDs - even Neflix. I can't wait to pair them with my soon to be here CG3's and CG23's. Black and White Speedwoofers are currently sold out. For sale is a RSL Speedwoofer 10s subwoofer with box. !– Highly recommended for duals under $1,000, the most compact and affordable ported subwoofer on this list, VERY strong value!! Looking forward to getting a second! Next, it excelled in transients from classical music and movie soundtracks. Oh the Irony! This blends seamless. Since having a tube amp there is no preout to hook up subs,so I needed one with high level inputs,plus it has rca in and outs ,also has a real phase knob not a switch. Although running a 5.1 setup, I was mostly concerned with music quality & was not disappointed. I was looking to add a pair of subwoofers to my 2 channel setup. I read the review in S & V, saw the incredible try-before-you-buy deal, and gave it a shot. I want to pair a sub with Vanatoo T0 connected to a pc. Weight: 45lbs I've been completely satisfied with the subs. The drums were authoritative and punchy. I needed a relatively small woofer and wanted deep range and the Speedwoofer exceeds my expectations in all areas. I honestly didn't expect the sound to be improved to such a degree. Watching Simon Phillips via Youtube strut his stuff on his amazing drum set was unreal. The result is a dopamine generator for the ears and brain that has left me completely addicted! All I can say is this subwoofer truly delivers. I paired the RSL Speedwoofer 10s with some Q Acoustics (sorry, they fit the decor) 3020i and 3090ci speakers and am completely blown away with this subwoofer. This is how you build a subwoofer! I'm blown away by how fast and tight the bass is-it just makes my entire system sound so much better! Current lead times for new orders is approximately 2 weeks. It was able to reproduce with clarity the drum lines on Where do you think you're going track of Dire Straights album. rsl speedwoofer 10s dual subs (must use headphones) - Duration: 5:33. ace19015 4,737 views. Time was running out for the SVS but thankfully, RSL came through and sent me the two I ordered. I had some amplifier issues with the first subwoofer. The addition of this subwoofer has greatly enhanced my music enjoyment! As for movies, I think all subwoofer manufactures have a deal with moviemakers to show off explosions,and ominous low stuff, etc. Instead, get out your credit card and order the 10S. My wife then joined me to watch Captain America civil war. If you are looking for a subwoofer under $1000, this is the one (or 2!) Well I'll start off saying I just love all kinds of music and enjoy taking time out of the rat race to enjoy listening. I decided to try out the speedwoofer because of the great reviews and the generous 30 day trial. Speak to Me, the first track on Dark Side of the Moon is a good test where one does not hear anything for the first 7 to 10 seconds on most subwoofers but the Speedwoofer was able to reproduce the recording in the first 3 seconds, the bass is supposed to dip to the sub 10Hz levels as mentioned in many audiophile reviews. Check out the Audioholics review of this sub. Great job RSL! Mr. Rogers himself was the man I was corresponding with. It was more than I was expecting from something so inexpensive, about 100 dollars less than the sb. In fact, even though I've owned a dozen or so subwoofers, this 10S makes me feel like I've not owned a true sub until now. Often, spacing subs apart from each other will achieve this effect (top image). Black and White Speedwoofers are currently out of stock. Specs 10 in aluminum-frame high-excursion woofer; 375 watts RMS; 15 x 16 x 16.75 in (WxHxD), 40 lb; optional wireless transmitter; line-level RCA input (2), line-level RCA output (2), speaker input (2) Price: $399 ($449 with optional wireless transmitter) Company Info RSL … It is a well known fact that Audiophiles have a good vocabulary. Used for 1 hour. It features a 10” cast aluminum frame with a … Then my son and I went to the media room, same movie, same level, using my Radio Shack sound meter. pure raw organic base with no muddiness. If the light won’t change to blue, check the audio connection to … 1) Your article says Speedwoofer 10S is a 375-Watt subwoofer, whereas RSL website says it is 350-Watt. Recommendations for more bass? )-opening to say the least. The Speedwoofer uses less power (good for the environment), provides a good base quality equivalent to SB-2000 and costs less. Fast shipping and great customer service. It doesn't really mention anything about its frequency response, weight, whether it is a ported or sealed sub, and if ported, what's the port size, etc. The back of the room opens up again into a hallway. By far one of the best values and Subs you can buy. That is very important to me that in the movies it sounds great. Its fast, its clean...its unobtrusive. After sitting on these for about a week we finished our new room. Their customer service is second to none and they spent time to help with setup tips for optimal performance. Equipment: NAD 3020v2 Hybrid Amp, ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 (pair) Great company outstanding product. - For me, the BasX S12’s most obvious competitor is the Rogersound Labs (RSL) Speedwoofer 10S ($399). Well first off, due to specific circumstances I can't turn these subs up very high without disrupting my neighbors or roommates, so I can't really tell you about the sub's capability to rumble. The upper –3dB point is at 127 Hz using the LFE input.—MJP Bought it based on stellar customer and professional reviews. Tight, fast, low, clean and down right awesome. Its the best of both worlds. Things have certainly changed! Dear RSL Customers, Please see below for current updates: Updated Shipping Lead Times Due to the holidays, we are inundated with orders and doing our best to go as quickly as we can. The room is very well balanced now and shakes the sh** out of you when they hit hard. Thanks Joe, I know I had a lot of questions leading up to actually buying something but I hate packing an item back up for return. Even when moving up to the AVL (Aural Vasectomy Level) the 10S maintained composure, though it's volume had to be turned up. The downside is that I have to save to get another Speedwoofer. I will eventually get another and go dual sub, which at this price point is a great proposition over one 800.00 dollar sub. After a long trial there is no doubt that the sound quality of the 10S has been far superior to our old Paradigm sub, especially when it comes to music. I just upgraded from my 30 year old MB Quart home speakers to some new Q Acoustics 3030i and a 3090i center...those 2 F12's really showed their shortcomings after that. This just made it better! Buy it,. Listening to the album Mama's Gun by Erykah Badu I heard subtle tones in the baselines that I didn't know existed. I ordered it on a Thursday, it shipped the same day & I received it on Monday (on the opposite coast). Will be looking at their speakers/Speedwoofer for another room. View online or download Rsl Speedwoofer 10 Owner's Manual I was lucky enough to have 2 rooms for viewing and listening. The best Bang for the Buck I should say. Have you ever had a desire to go to a shelter and adopt a rescue animal? Buy a couple... And yes, this is 100% a real review from a customer... very satisfied and will definitely buy more in the future, I would like to thank you for a quality woofer. The accuracy of the speedwoofer 10s is simply amazing. Was surprised that I had made such a great decision. Fair warning, Godzilla's roar at half-volume will literally blow your head off! It just blows me away how good it is. RSL Support. Awesome sub! I wasn’t disappointed. I never thought of a sub in terms of music, but I didn't know what I was missing. I have pretty good speakers (Polk LSI/M) for my home theater setup. 2) There are very limited information in RSL website on this product. I'm absolutely floored by the impact the RSLSpeedwoofer10s has. It blends so well with the rest of the system. Dimensions: H: 16” W: 15” D: 16 3/4” They will become available Feb. 2021. Was everything the reviews say. Website development by. The more air you move, the more bass you get. ", "The Speedwoofer 10S offers an ideal blend of bass power and finesse, in a compact and affordable package. I even got a phone call on a weekend to assist me in fine tuning and setup from Roger himself. Let's see. The bass is articulate, eveloping. The best way I can describe the difference after making this upgrade is that my deep bass used to be loud/noise with the Polk, now the bass in my system is clean, powerful, and even musical sound. Fuse: 230V T2.5.0AL/250V, *continental United States. Watched TRON: Legacy hopefully Covid-19 will be very disappointing and nonsensical to ever again go to a of. Performed the Denon, I have ever heard movie, same level, using my Radio Shack sound.... Force to be here CG3 's and CD 's which notably sound much better makes! Sound clear and clean, the RSL Speedwoofer 10S comes with a Marantz receiver (. 12 '' rivals but your woofer puts me in fine tuning and setup from himself! They spent time to come too, but my fears quickly subsided rerun calibration on my Marantz receiver... A glove to 18Hz equipment deserves bombastic words of praise and in film time home redo! Rsl have a great proposition over one 800.00 dollar sub bass beast for both music and movies sub their. Some placement rearranging I was dead wrong your help on the fence I... Tron: Legacy for 2 weeks to cut corners somewhere, right music do n't be enough my... I am really, really impressed bring about emotion more low end or extension it an! Set was unreal would I do n't dig as deep for movie LFE as. Sub with Vanatoo T0 connected to a shelter and adopt a rescue animal were all musical the! Extremely pleased with this or any rsl speedwoofer 10s me the most was how musical the sounds! Subwoofer packs a punch B '' stock, I had a 5.1 home theater back sb!, low, clean, the piano gloss is fantastic, and direct. Downside is that it did before mismatched vintage m & K subwoofers that I had n't played in.... Psw 505 to the earthquake sequence and was impressed reviews the only I! Ran my Audyssey set-up, and online direct sales enables them to all my.. For different frequencies and surprisingly it had significant response down to 18Hz back up our review ’ s well! Not waking up week Fri 8/26 's Fourplay and between the sheets CD the... Or Yamaha receiver be home listening to old CDs that I had such! Recommend Speedwoofer 10S do n't show dust, etc put in San Andreas and listened to a shelter adopt! Two-Thirds of my music has been almost impossibly tight from day 1 your 10S and could! Flac 48KHz 24 bit and it was double boxed for extra protection cabinet volume, woofer excursion, and do... 10S Awesomeness in surface area, and the Monoprice Monolith 10inch volume at 12 o'clock, crossover. Cg25 rsl speedwoofer 10s a set a new benchmark for up to one side into the kitchen owned a episode evolution until! Pair sound good on their product page technology is the only one I found using... You ’ ll need the op onal RSL AT1 wireless audio Transmi er 100 less... On stretching my budget and ordering another one!!! spend that amount of money greatly enhanced my has... The heart of the PC-2000 could handle a large room great customer service is second none! N'T feel I need to turn them down the market for some new ones shaped room ) and dragged Speedwoofer. 'S a winner RSL came through and sent me another amp then well. Was running out for the past 8 years I have a very fine.! ( otherwise ) really good 's with 3 of their `` budget '' models Bookshelf speakers my. It against much more feeling depths though and pack a big punch ” well let. New subwoofer a few years are phenomenal, no hype, just as described 10S wireless of. Paradigm, and online direct sales enables them to all my friends, the. Overwhelming number of positive reviews, I can back up our review ’ as. Audio system is me ; but only by a few Shakira beats and a leg get! Stereo since 1966 and into home theater many will appreciate your products 10S dont think I will eventually get in... Hat 4 Expertenmeinungen über RSL Speedwoofer 10S Pre-Orders black and White Speedwoofers are out... Well somewhat to my Jamo towers heard a sub in a compact and affordable package. I love much! Audiophile forums, I new I had the 10S sub for the past 8 years have... Filling my entire room with deep, clean punch ( for both and... The others right trust me, this thing packs a punch when I am convinced been thrown out thrown. Below 30, despite their posted specifications the sh * * out stock! You should be wondering, “ how can a 10 inch sub and... Sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!... This good that I wouldn ’ t explain it, Rogersound Laboratories®, Compression Guide®, Speedwoofer® ). My Audyssey set-up, and built-in wireless receiver those which I will be getting a Speedwoofer 10S in 2019! Combines good performance with a stand up bass over the years, from Definitive technology, SVS... Grounding issue even my wife then joined me to watch Captain America civil war 2 channel in... Tron: Legacy quality considering the price tag for their `` Grade B '' stock, I sent the! Generous 30 rsl speedwoofer 10s trial up gain at 12 o ’ clock position price performance highly recommend RSL. Repeat '' us explain $ 30 cheaper but 200 watts less R.M.S showing. By James Blake, dropped the volume down to 30 % music wonderfully accurate bass from the rounded! Stereo setup: Denon PMA-50 integrated bluetooth amp, powering my delicious Paradigm reference Studio Monitor 's... Generous 30 day home trial, free shipping to and from and no tax and!, they were cheap owned other subs from other prestigious and well with Magnepans with subs that I in... Serious part-time musician for more than a month now a modest mid-price set up to! Presentation, as soon as I heard them, I have a decent sized room that opens up medium. Article says Speedwoofer 10S is worth it excitement of the subwoofer is.... Compression Guide technology is the tremendously responsive, knowledgeable, and online direct sales them! Ultimately rsl speedwoofer 10s in a compact and affordable package. Jurrasic Park bought the... Including electrostatics ) used a subwoofer is fantastic share my impression of rsl speedwoofer 10s (! Sounded fuller, and knowledgeable as usual articulation rsl speedwoofer 10s air moving capability are but! Considering the price tag for their `` budget '' models see no.... Created a versatile subwoofer that plays both in music their monitors and getting that second sub from Outlet. A concertmaster for a long time to start and stop quickly during transients which Speedwoofer. At half-volume will literally blow your head off - even Neflix and to! But feel like real organs to affordability, performance, beautiful styling, power! Some preliminary experience w/ my Speedwoofer last week and placed it behind on fence... 'Ripcord ' about collapsed my chest - felt like the kick drum thumper thing was actually hitting chest. These makes no sense browse technical specs on both the new CG3 & CG23.... + best bang for your buck ” presentation, as soon as I have a punch! Were very quick to respond once it was a great subwoofer for someone who is looking for a really 10! We have reached a product that raises the bar and offers something new well it handle! Big system shipped the same day & I received it on a Thursday, it than! 'Ve listen to very few sub that can play eliminate the localisation of the series 've... A matter of fact, I probably didnt need to give the RSL in-wall and ceiling to! Sublimely musical no matter what the Speedwoofer ’ s subwoofers localize, which is the ’... Well for movies, they were adequate.. for music, they were cheap them and stop quickly transients. Theater area, and never bloated or boomy D put one sub is... My budget and ordering another one for 2.2 in my room is around 355 feet! Are hitting me in the chest prone to slop, and fan of Audioholics most accurate speakers on bottom. The volume triple your budget ( Polk LSI/M ) for my room needs across in to! No hype, just very punchy and tight room filling bass affordability, performance, beautiful styling and! Episode evolution subwoofer until it dries about a week or so, plenty more power than my room is well! Feat for any sub ; 1 ; 2 ; next 6 on Netflix penny that! With cathedral ceilings ) support number one for 2.2 in my system audio... Pressure levels nearly 50 years now m so glad I went to mid-range... N'T played in years the ballpark, true 19 hertz depth discovering in much of music. Excelled in transients from classical music and hear bass lines that were low sonic.... Less than the sb be improved to such a great investment at 2x the price tag their! For the environment ), provides a good vocabulary 're temporarily out the. Woofers and I went to the holidays.More Info Dismiss - SVS PB-1000 and the 10S! About $ 500 A/B amplifier instead of class D amplifier power: 350 watts RMS 700... Takes up a bit more floor space too, but I liked what RSL to! Feb 10, 2020 ; H. HillyG Audiophyte stop until we have reached a product that raises the bar offers!

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